2012 Tokyo Program

2012 Tokyo Program

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 20: Sessions at Waseda University and Dialogues with Japanese Teachers!

Presenting our group thoughts on Lesson Study from the Video 
Today we got to go to Waseda University and discuss education with the university students. The day was divided into to three sessions.  Each of the sessions were very interesting and beneficial because we got to interact with other students that were going to the university to become teachers as well as interact with teachers and the principal from an Japanese elementary school. At the end of the day, the Waseda students then took us to dinner for their welcome party. At the welcome party, we exchanged gifts giving the Waseda students San Diego T shirts and the Waseda students giving us a Waseda University stuffed animal bear.

Waseda University: The baseball field 
The first one included an activity where we were able to interact with the Waseda students about education. In this session we watched part of a lesson dobe by a Japanese teacher. While watching the video on the lesson, independently each of the USD students and Waseda students wrote sticky notes on the thoughts of the video of the lesson. One thought was written down on each sticky note. After watching the lesson on the video, we were then divided into groups to discuss what observations we made about the video and to divide our sticky notes in to categories. For this group activity the USD students were with divided into groups with the Waseda students. We then gave presentations about what we discussed in our groups. This sessions was very educational. It was a great opportunity to discuss education as well as the similarities and differences with the Waseda students.
The Entrance of Waseda University 
The second session was a presentation about last years tsunami and how it affected several parts of Japan especially the teachers and schools. Several of the children in the schools as well as the teachers had to move schools. In addition several of the teachers lost their jobs. At the end of the presentation there was time for question and answer which ended up being very productive and a great discussion as well.

The third and last session was an presentation given by the principal and teacher of the elementary school. Their presentation was on lesson study and how lesson study was accomplished at their school. Their lesson study includes several discussions as well as breaking the lesson down using sticky notes just like the activity that was completed in session one.  At the end their presentation there showed a book that the school creates every year. This book includes lesson studies that have been completed throughout the year.

Waseda Students take USD students ro Dinner 

Far and Carolynn with Waseda students after exchanging gifts!  

Steve with the Waseda girls! 

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